Beet greens for breakfast


This morning I woke up with the beet greens in my mind. So this is result: Baked beet greens from my garden with baked egg on top.
Beet greens for breakfast

Baked beet greens for breakfast

Beet greens for breakfastIngredients:

  • 1 bunch of beet greens (cut in half inch pieces)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 1 egg
  • salt
  • pepper

What to do:

  1. Heat half the oil in the skillet, add minced garlic and bake for 2 sec.
  2. Add beet greens and cook for few minutes. Set aside.
  3. Heat reminig oil and bake the egg.
  4. Serve. Put on the top of the beet greens. Season with salt and peper.




Hide and Seek

Busy day
When you woke up in the morning and feel “busy”, don’t be! Go out and play hide and seek with birds!
Busy day

It helps me clear my head, prioritise my to-do list and makes me calm for the rest of the busy day!
Busy day

Try it!
With love,


February 2016 I

It’s time to say goodbye to February and say hello to March!
Let’s take a look no my February Part I

Let’s begin.. 3…2..1..

Super simpe dish and everyone loves it! wholemeal pasta with Parmesan and some sunflower sprouts.

Ātras pusdienas

Don’t know what to do with a pulp form carrot juice…
Burkānu sula

..bake the cake. Delicious!


Pantry shelves are super clean and jars are shiny.
Bakalejas plaukts

… And the lent started. This time gluten free, sugar free (no sweeteners too) for me. Interesting, I moved away all the jars that contains sugar or gluten… opss… let’s the new journey begin!

Gavēnis 2016

Breakfast: Millet porridge with frozen blueberries. It was delicious.
Prosas putra ar mellenēm

It won’t be me if I won’t try to bake something without gluten and sugar free. My first gluten free, sugar free cookies – from black beans. Super healthy!
Īpašie šokolādes cepumi

… there will be more from February.


January 2016 Part II

It’s me again… with January 2016 review. Part II

January 10th: Cleaned my pantry shelfs and washed all the pantry jars.

… lot’s of different recipes (to post here).
Cauliflower and butter beans stew
Puķāposti ar sviesta pupiņām

Warm Blueberry Soup with cottage cheese cream
Melleņu zupa

Franche Gratin

Veggie Wok
stir-fry ziemas versija

And the funny bird – Eurasian jay looking through my kitchen window

Tea time! My super organic and natural self-picked tea from Latvian fields.

And the first bird near my bird feeder🙂 Parus major

… and my favorite – Eurasian blue tit

…and someone NICE bring us spring onions! So delicious!

This is The bird of the year 2016 in Latvia – Great spotted woodpecker
Dzižraibais dzenis

Oh, And there were snowy days and this was my outfit for snow shoveling🙂
Outfit for snow shoveling

And where the snow there’s the visitor. This time whole family!

AND the last picture.
This is my name-day’s (we do celebrate name days in Latvia) smoothie, that looks like I made it out of tulips.
diena pēc

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